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Understand the new rules around citizenship, exchange control and tax residency (By: Allan Gray)

The concept of “emigration”, as recognised by the Financial Surveillance Department of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), has been phased out, with effect 1 March 2021. National Treasury has indicated that the reason for this regulatory change is “to encourage South Africans to keep their ties with the country”. The phasing out of emigration…

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SPAC Attack

SPACs, or ‘Special-Purpose Acquisition Company’, are the latest investment frenzy as investors ranging from hedge funds to everyday investors, rush to access these speculative assets in the hope that they might be investing in the next Tesla or Amazon. SPACs are essentially publicly traded companies that have no operations and hold nothing but cash. They…

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The Impact of REIT structures on Listed Property Investing

Listed property was the top performing local asset class over a period of 15 years from 2002 through to the end of 2017, outperforming the broader equity market by 5% per year over that period. The outperformance was driven by a range of factors: the listed property businesses being managed more professionally, the benefits of…

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GameStop, democratic investing and being caught by the mob

This is a story about what the frenzy of crowds can do when sufficiently organized and have little to lose. In January 2021, GameStop shares soared almost 2500%, or 25x your initial investment. Share prices rarely make headline news, but this time was different. The apparent driver being a group of trash-talking, meme busting millennials…

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Cautionary Tales of Offshore Investing

South African businesses have a strong history of successfully expanding their operations offshore and becoming well renowned global businesses. This has been done to access growth opportunities in offshore markets and to diversify away from a lower growth and higher risk domestic environment. While some companies have achieved success in their offshore pursuits, there are…

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Failing to Succeed

For many investors keeping track of their portfolios is an anxious pursuit. Markets seem to behave in a non-sensical way at times, with any manner of factors causing anguish. Inflation expectations, GDP growth, sentiment, the oil price, central bank policy, debt levels, company mergers and acquisitions, cases of fraud and market disruption. These are all…

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Tackling Your Savings Crisis!

Dear Clients, While you may not already know, we are hoping that this letter will take a giant leap forward in emphasising our core WHY, or purpose, which is FINANCIAL WELLNESS. And what better way to show our commitment to Your, and Your Family’s, Financial Wellness, than by writing this High-Alert Message on Covid-19’s raising…

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Financial Products are Awesome!

In this post we wish to share some of our favourite financial product solutions and strategies. 1. The Power of Rand-Cost Averaging – Drip-feeding money into an investment to get a better average price and smoother return Basically, instead of braving the virtually impossible task of perfectly timing an entry into the markets, an investor…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Investment decisions in times of stress

With Coronavirus causing turmoil in investment markets globally we have seen significant market moves across asset classes over the past week. With such an event it is extremely difficult to estimate investment outcomes, however one trait is reasonably certain: our human bias for loss aversion, which is heightened when fear like this spreads. This fear…

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