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Cautionary Tales of Offshore Investing

South African businesses have a strong history of successfully expanding their operations offshore and becoming well renowned global businesses. This has been done to access growth opportunities in offshore markets and to diversify away from a lower growth and higher risk domestic environment. While some companies have achieved success in their offshore pursuits, there are…

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Failing to Succeed

For many investors keeping track of their portfolios is an anxious pursuit. Markets seem to behave in a non-sensical way at times, with any manner of factors causing anguish. Inflation expectations, GDP growth, sentiment, the oil price, central bank policy, debt levels, company mergers and acquisitions, cases of fraud and market disruption. These are all…

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Tackling Your Savings Crisis!

Dear Clients, While you may not already know, we are hoping that this letter will take a giant leap forward in emphasising our core WHY, or purpose, which is FINANCIAL WELLNESS. And what better way to show our commitment to Your, and Your Family’s, Financial Wellness, than by writing this High-Alert Message on Covid-19’s raising…

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Financial Products are Awesome!

In this post we wish to share some of our favourite financial product solutions and strategies. 1. The Power of Rand-Cost Averaging – Drip-feeding money into an investment to get a better average price and smoother return Basically, instead of braving the virtually impossible task of perfectly timing an entry into the markets, an investor…

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Get ready to win and think tax

We’re nearing the end of the year and it’s time to think tax!   And this time, it’s happy tax planning. The taxman doesn’t give us many breaks and when he does, we should embrace them. In this article, we remind you to plan well in advance for your RA and Tax-Free savings account top-ups.  …

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As TIME goes by

As time goes by, our financial goals evolve and change. When we’re young, most of us focus on specific goals that will help us to accumulate wealth. Then – as our golden years approach – we tend to shift our attention to wealth preservation and, ultimately, the successful transfer of capital to those we love.…

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