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By combining highly competitive fee structures with the benefits of independence and comparative advantage, Kanan Wealth is committed to your employees’ best possible outcome.

Group Benefit Scheme

  • Kanan Wealth Service Team and Advisers
  • The Allan Gray Umbrella Fund Team
  • TSA Team
  • Risk Benefits – Best of Breed
  • Investment Benefits – Intelligent and Analytical
  • Custody – Allan Gray Umbrella Fund Platform

We employ an Insightful & Intelligent approach to Employee Benefit Group Schemes structuring.

Why Competitive Fees & Transparency Are So Important!

First and foremost, we believe that it is the employer’s moral obligation to ensure his/ her hardworking employees have some financial planning measures in place. Once established, many employees simply rely on the belief that their employer has taken the necessary steps to ensure the best possible outcome.

By working with our partners at Allan Gray, Fundhouse and TSA, you can feel rest-assured that the appropriate due-diligence is being followed and that your employee enjoys a employee-centric experience.

Our Comparative Advantage

Importantly, splitting risk and investment between providers means the employer can act in his or her schemes’ best interests and shop around as the need arises.

Kanan Wealth

We provide the advice and guidance pertaining to fund selection, risk structure and are ultimately responsible for scheme service and knowledge sharing.


With Group Risk Specialists, TSA, your Kanan Wealth adviser will secure the optimal solution and annually re-evaluate the rates.

Fund House

Offer deep insight to advisers pertaining to the asset manager and the broader industry.

Allan Gray

Broadly speaking, Allan Gray provides the technology to enter the market at a very competitive fee. Their administration team works to ensure the scheme is technically sound.

The power of compounding is exceptional, and can have an unbelievably positive effect on your future wealth.
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Key Reasons To Consider Kanan Wealth

We are driven to be the best, by delivering the best.

Investment Process


Investor Educator

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Enhanced Transparency
Competitive Fees

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Our Approach To Passive And Active Investing!

Simply put we have access to both strategies and acknowledge that each can play a powerful role at different stages in the market cycle. While passive can often save costs, active manages risk at critical junctures in the market cycle.

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