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Personal Solutions

1. Local & Global Investment Solutions

Kanan Wealth formulates strategies, implements and then manages investments via:

  • Allan Gray Local & Offshore Investment Platform
  • Investec Local Investment Platform
  • Momentum Wealth Local Platform (need specific)
  • Glacier Local & Offshore Platform (need specific)
  • Stockbrokers
  • Sasfin Stockbrokers
  • Definitive Capital Local & Offshore – Direct Multi-Asset Portfolios
  • Credo – Offshore

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2. Retirement Planning

  • Kanan Wealth advisers will assist in formulating and implementing an appropriate retirement plan, dictated by a financial needs analysis. We can make use of Retirement Annuities, Endowments, Preservation funds, Living Annuities and Life Annuities.

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3. Life Assurance Solutions

Kanan Wealth scrutinises the below providers and selects the cover that is most appropriate for you.

  • Liberty Life
  • Discovery Life
  • Momentum
  • PPS
  • Sanlam/Cobalt

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4. Medical Aid Solutions

We are able to offer the most appropriate medical aid from the below providers:

  • Discovery
  • Momentum
  • Profmed

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5. Personal Financial Administration/Trusteeships/Business Advisory/Wealth coaching

  • Kanan Wealth Advisor

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