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Business Solutions

1. Business Assurance Solutions

  • Buy/Sell policiesA buy and sell agreement is an agreement used by businesses to sell the interests of a deceased or disabled owner to the remaining owners at a predetermined price or using a predetermined formula.
  • Keyman policiesA Key person policy means that a business/ company has measures in place that would ensure business does not stagnate as a result of the untimely death, severe illness or disability of a key employee.

Kanan Wealth scrutinises the below providers and selects the cover that is most appropriate for you.

  • Liberty Life
  • Discovery Life
  • Momentum
  • PPS
  • Sanlam/Cobalt

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2. Employee Benefits

The moral obligation of the employer to provide a means for his/her employees to retire comfortably should not be overlooked. As important is the moral obligation to provide for the family of a loyal employee should that employee pass away.

Apart from these “softer” issues, some very real benefits exist for both employer and employee should a pension/provident fund be implemented at your company. These include:

Generic benefits:

  1. Free cover limits
  2. Tax efficiencies for both employer and employee
  3. Reductions in staff turnover and increased employee morale

Our unique added value offering:

  1. Intelligent investment advice
  2. Reducing unnecessary investment costs
  3. Bringing the fund closer to the employee through greater transparency and service

Service providers:

  • Liberty Corporate
  • Sanlam Umbrella Fund
  • Momentum Funds At Work
  • Allan Gray Group RA

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