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Newsletter March 2018: Live Cover Essentials

March 20th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

Why you should never skirt the vital issue of Life Insurance   Life insurance may not be a particularly pleasant topic of conservation but ignoring it is far more dangerous. Life cover is the first step towards a successful financial plan and is an absolute must for young up-and-comers. You simply have to ensure that your loved ones are looked after if the unthinkable happens.  It’s a no-brainer  If you’re young and have debts and a family to take care of, life cover is simply a non- negotiable part of your budget. (Assuming you don’t have sufficient capital to maintain your family should you pass away.) Life insurance is designed to protect your family from the premature loss of your working life’s income and free them from financial worry after the turmoil of your death. The amount of life...

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As TIME goes by

February 27th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

As time goes by, our financial goals evolve and change. When we’re young, most of us focus on specific goals that will help us to accumulate wealth. Then – as our golden years approach – we tend to shift our attention to wealth preservation and, ultimately, the successful transfer of capital to those we love. Read on to find out more about what to consider as times goes by.    Phase 1: Get going with SMART goals to accumulate wealth  As a new earner, a really good way to get the financial ball rolling is to focus on SMART goals. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and very importantly, Time-based. This is not a new concept, but it is all-inclusive, and it works. Let’s explore SMART planning a little further. Make your goals SPECIFIC. Being specific means knowing...

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Newsletter Jan 2018: The smart way to downsize your home for retirement

January 28th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

Choosing to downsize your home for retirement is a momentous decision, but it can be a very exciting process if managed well. It’s a financially savvy strategy that also gifts you more time, the greatest commodity of all. Remember that downsizing doesn’t mean downgrading. Lovingly pruning two rose bushes can be just as fulfilling as tending to ten.  Rands and sense  Probably the most significant reason to downsize is to release capital from which you’ll be able to draw an income during your golden years. In the process, you’ll also cut back on home maintenance expenses – thus creating yet more retirement income. Why pay for space that you and your family no longer require? You may well be wasting money on unnecessary council rates, electricity, water and home insurance. If you plan to travel...

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