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Do we need to worry about trade wars?

August 15th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

One of the most common headlines in the world currently relates to the concept of ‘trade wars’. This has quickly become the most cited risk to markets with 60% of the fund managers surveyed in the latest BofA Merrill Lynch Global Fund Manager Survey listing the possibility of a protracted trade war as the biggest risk to investment returns that they see on the horizon. This month we evaluate this concept and its effects on investor portfolios. What is a Trade War? A ‘trade war’ begins when a country seeks to protect their domestic economy from foreign competition. This is achieved in several ways, with the most popular being via taxes on foreign imports or by subsidising local industries. The primary reason that countries engage in protection is to promote the economic strength of the home...

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Newsletter July 2018: Why is life so expensive?

July 16th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

Why is life so expensive?  In our last newsletter, we discussed the importance of investing consistently from the very start of our careers to ensure a comfortable retirement. This time around, we look at why this is becoming increasingly difficult in South Africa.  We also offer some handy tips on how to combat the uncomfortable truth that life is getting more and more expensive. Real inflation rates  Many of us fall into the trap of thinking that if our salaries keep up with inflation, we should be able to continue to afford everything in our budgets. The reality is, however, that the general inflation rate (CPI) is based on the value of a basket of goods and services which isn’t representative of the ‘basket’ used by the wealthy. Let’s look at the real inflation rates of a couple of...

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Newsletter June 2018: Back to basics

June 26th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

As citizens of the western world, we all highly value our independence.  We’re taught from an early age to be determined, educated and strive for individual success.  So, when life deals us a few rough hands, which it often does, it can be very disappointing if you end up needing to depend on your family for accommodation during your retirement years.  In this article, we go back to the very basics and the need to invest from the start of your career so that the living arrangements you form with your family can be by choice and not a necessity.      The sandwich generation We’re all familiar with the generational terms millennials and baby boomers, but not necessarily so for the sandwich generation. This is a generation, usually in their 40’s and early 50’s, who care for their aging...

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