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Let’s have a better conversation

June 14th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

Last year we wrote to you about our commitment to your financial wellness which is a way of re-framing your wealth so that it adds meaning and joy to your life. This process can take years, as it’s not comfortable to divulge all your details, and map and marry your emotions with money. In this newsletter, we encourage you to take the plunge, ‘give us the nitty gritty’ and in doing so, get the best of our services sooner than later. The joy of commonality We believe that the first step to speeding up the process to financial wellness is an appreciation of our shared experience and not being threatened by sharing factual and emotional information. Supermarkets are terrific equalisers in life in that we fill our baskets with very similar items to keep ourselves and homes going. We all understand each...

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The Next 100 Years: What is South Africa’s USP?

June 11th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

Some investors may find it interesting to note that South Africa has been one of the globe’s best-performing stock markets for almost 100 years.  We have been fortunate to say the least, with returns outstripping inflation by more than 8% since 1926.  Global investors have not been as lucky, a relatively low 6% real return above inflation over the same period, in US$.  While this may seem like a small percentage, over this horizon it equates to three times the capital for local over global equities by the end. Comparison of returns 1926 - 20181 So what makes SA so special, and can we expect it to continue? Do we have a ‘USP’ to help drive future investment returns? Over such an extended period, we can break down our good fortune into a few key elements, all of which have played a part in...

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Newsletter May 2018: What’s happening in the property market in Cape Town?   

June 5th, 2018    By Kanan Wealth    0

Alarm bells have been ringing in homes around Cape Town and it’s not about day zero – it’s about the worrying rumour that property prices in our beautiful city are nosediving.  Now, before you make any rash decisions as to whether to buy or sell - hang back, take a quiet sip of coffee, and read on…… Let’s set the scene  Cape Town has long been the darling of the South African property market as reflected in the price of homes. The average selling price on the Atlantic Seaboard has more than doubled since 2012 and has risen seven-fold since 2001. International investors have been the driving force behind these dramatic increases as compared to other high-end destinations around the globe, homes here are still well priced. A recent article by Knight Frank noted that while $1-million...

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