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Our Value Proposition

Sound Financial Planning is necessary if you want to enjoy a secure financial future. We help you create, maintain, protect and manage your wealth throughout your life and beyond.

Analysing, understanding and keeping track of all the information required to successfully manage a financial plan is difficult and time consuming. We provide professional financial advice to help you make these important decisions that will affect your financial future. In return for this advice, we receive income either by way of investment fees, commission or a project/hourly fee.

  • Our advisors are experienced, well qualified and particularly analytical, with in-depth knowledge of the universe of products available.
  • We assist with the creation and management of an effective Wealth Plan.
  • We assist you in reaching your financial goals & objectives through sound planning & advice.
  • We help manage behavioural biases through our personal and considered approach.
  • We are an effective decision partner for clients across the entire spectrum of their financial considerations.
  • We report regularly and report well. Our clients know how their investments perform, what products they have and what these cost.
  • We are often in touch. We are regularly in touch with our clients ensuring transparency and ensuring quick action is taken where necessary.
  • We are obsessed with keeping costs low. We earn less so that our clients pay less.
  • We handle most administrative tasks related to all aspects of your financial plan.
  • We save you time so you can focus on what you love/do best.
  • We provide regular market insights. Either through our quarterly newsletter or ad hoc emails and phone calls.