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All amounts indicated below exclude VAT. Our fees are negotiable based on risk profile and size of investment/policy.
2 fee options are available:

Option 1

Investment business: Upfront fees (1.25%), annual fees (0.75%), deducted by the management company and paid to Kanan monthly.

(Should you prefer, we can invoice you monthly for these fees and leave your investment untouched).

Insurance business: Standard Commissions paid by Insurance companies.

Option 2

Billing Schedule
Where an hourly fee is indicated, R700 per hour applies which includes disbursements. Items marked with * indicate that the fee will be rebated should Kanan Wealth implement the recommended advice and Option 1 ultimately be chosen by the client.

Service Fee
Local & Global Investment Solutions Hourly fee*
Retirement Planning Hourly fee*
S14 transfers R2000*
Life Assurance Solutions/Recommendations R5000*
Medical Aid Solutions/Recommendations R1000*
Personal Financial Admin Hourly fee
Trusteeships R1000 per month
Business Advisory/Property analysis Hourly fee
Wealth coaching Hourly fee